Before you can lead anyone else,

you must learn to lead yourself.

Everything you think you know about how to lead you learned when you were five years old.  It's the secret to your success and it's getting in your way now!  

Think about it, if you were the oldest sibling in your family, you might have learned to take charge and be the captain: the responsible one, making dad proud.  Maybe you were the youngest and you learned to stand out and be creative.  And then of course there are those of you in the middle: I won't say any more, you're used to being overlooked! 


The thing is, the way you learned to be, to think, feel, and behave, immediately when you first came into world and over the first several years of your life, deeply influence and drive how you lead now.    

If you are like most leaders, the range of your leadership skill is defined by these deeply rooted patterns and what you do well begins to undermine you.  It's a crazy cycle.  You're an ultra responsible perfectionist.  You take too much on and don't delegate effectively.  Employees become unmotivated and wait for your direction rather than taking the bull by the horns.  They become disengaged and you become overworked.  

Exceptional leaders, on the other hand do it differently.  With mastery over their awareness, attention, and intention they do what is needed in each situation to make others better off and attain success. 

At Mays Leadership, we build leadership capacity in your business by teaching leaders the power of leading themselves.  Then, to establish a culture of intentional leadership with managers who motivate, inspire, and engage their employees in becoming their best. Our Leadership process has helped countless leaders destroy their limitations and master the craft of leadership. Through this process, leaders learn to:

  • Increase engagement across the organization

  • Inspire employees to bring their A game

  • Gain loyalty

  • Drive productivity

  • Create a thriving culture with effective communication

  • Lead with intention and vision


From 3 hours to 3 days and beyond, our programs are specifically tailored to dig deep and uncover the leadership potential within your organization.  From industry and health care to banking and education, our process can help your organization create exceptional leaders: leaders that drive your success.


Contact Mays Leadership today to get on your path to becoming a world-class leader.