The Leadership 360

Climb Higher

Expand your perspective

If you want your effectiveness as a leader to skyrocket, there are few things more impactful than getting into the heads of those around you and seeing yourself through their eyes.  Sure, it can be a little unsettling: after all, ignorance is bliss.  But if you're committed to becoming your best, the Leadership 360 can help.

The Leadership 360 process is designed to provide you essential feedback you need to grow.  Through clear and direct feedback from colleagues, personality assessments, and self-reflection, you will gain a deeper awareness of the underlying motives that drive your leadership strengths and weaknesses.  Then, based on this information, you will create, present, and remain accountable to a leadership improvement plan to help you build on your strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and become your best.  This in depth process consists of the following milestones:

  • Prework – complete online assessment and/or compile past assessments (DISC, MBTI, Hogan, ect.)

  •  Alignment Session: Structured discussion between you and your manager to review the expectations for the 360 process complete with specific timelines and outcomes. Audience list for 360 to be determined at this time

  • Interviews/surveys: Based on need, up to 10 face to face interviews with key peers, managers, and direct reports will be conducted.  This will be determined by you and your manager.  Not all managers will utilize this step in their 360 process, some will complete the Q360 (55 question electronic feedback survey).

  • Education – Face to face review of leadership models and materials to provide context for understanding Q360 results, cementing changes that improve leadership

    • Review Leadership Personality Model

      • Identify personality/leadership patterns and their impact on others

    • Review Pre-work assessments (DISC, MBTI)

    • Predict feedback results (based on all data thus far, participant should have an idea of what the feedback will hold)

  • Review feedback - in depth study of 360 feedback 

  • Identification of key all themes that weave through the feedback, leadership model, personal history, and assessments

  • Develop Leadership Development Plan (what will be done, when will it be done, what will results be, key milestones)

  • Present findings first to manager and team, including the following:

    • Key take-away from the process

    • Role of personal history

    • Leadership Personality model

    • Assessments – MBTI & DISC

    • Feedback – Present key findings revealed through all feedback

    • Action plan – Showcase the plan for using this process to improve

  • Request additional feedback/thank them. Follow up regularly.

    • Schedule time each month with manager and team to review the following:

      • Successes: What has been accomplished on the action plan

      • Observations from team and leader

      • Identify new action items to be accomplished