My first job was flipping burgers at Wendy’s.  I did a pretty decent job of it, showing up on time and following instructions, which got me promoted….fry cook.  Eventually, I gained the position coveted by all my friends…team lead, that’s when I made the big bucks.  Funny thing is, the skills I needed to be successful as a team lead were different then the skills that got me into the team lead position.   This is always the case in leadership: What got you here won’t get you there. 


Consider Bob, a friend of mine who is the CEO of fairly large manufacturer in West Michigan, for example.  His first job in the company was in maintenance, sweeping floors.  He did a good job and took pride in his work.  And, as happens when you demonstrate dedication and motivation in a job, he got promoted.  Time and time again, he moved up and across the organization until, many years later, he moved from head of operations to the CEO.  That’s when I met him. 

At that point, Bob was stuck.  His ‘put your head down and get her done’ mentality wasn’t getting the results the company needed: Employee turn-over and error rates were up while on-time delivery and tenure was down.  It seemed that no matter how hard Bob worked and how hard he pushed, the problem just got worse.  The hard-work mentality  that led to his ascent was now getting in his way as he took too much on himself and got too far down in the weeds.

What Bob lacked the ability to ignite passion around a clear vision.  He failed to mobilize the organization toward the creation of something larger.  For Bob, the old saying definitely rang true, “What got you here, won’t get you there.”  His working harder the way he always had was not moving the company toward it's vision.

So what was the remedy?  It all began with changes in Bob's thinking.  In order to act differently, he had to think differently:  He had to adopt a new framework for what it meant to be a leader and change the obsolete thinking that lead to his prior success.  Then, mission re-alignment to empower his executive team with clarity around roles, goals, and expectations.  With that in place, Bob could step firmly into the role of CEO.  As the keeper of the vision, Bob then built a thriving culture of engagement and accountability that took the company profitably forward.   


The interactive, executive development process at Mays Leadership helped Bob master the skills needed to thrive as enterprise leaders.  For executives that are committed to becoming the best executive possible, MAYS Leadership catalyst that transforms executive education into long lasting excellence.  This transformative development process has maximized individual and organizational performance for executives and their teams across the world.  lay in creating a

 Through this process, leaders learn to:


  • Increase engagement across the organization

  • Inspire employees to bring their A game

  • Gain loyalty

  • Drive productivity

  • Create a thriving culture

  • Become a truly great executive


From Manufactering and health care to banking and education, this process has helped countless leaders from around the globe harness their potential and become exceptional.  


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