Speaking of Teams

Create a
High Performance Team
"Dr. Mays has established himself as the go-to guy for team development.
His work has been essential in transforming the culture of Unity Health Care."


Vincent Keane, President/CEO, Unity Health Care, Washington D.C.



The Team Transformation Process


The Team Transformation Process targets the specific needs of your team, creating heightened accountability, collaboration, and productivity. Based on a proven methodology that has improved hundreds of leadership teams, this process guaranteed a measured, sustained impact on your team.




  • Prioritize and solve team’s top business and performance challenges

  • Uncover and eliminate all obstacles to the team’s greatest success

  • Identify the team’s ‘Totem’ & use it to solve problems & communicate more effectively

  • Pinpoint team blind spots

  • Practice the skills of developing trust, collaboration, and teamwork

  • Leverage individual member contribution to create greater team synergy

  • Establish a culture that fosters authentic and effective communication

  • Define high performance and commit to an actionable plan to measurably achieve it


Through this problem solving process, teams learn to harness the diversity of the group, creating an unstopable synergy.  Committing to a team improvement action plan assures sustained improvement.