Teams that don't come together,

come apart.


Effective team-work can make or break your company's success.  Understanding and managing the dynamics that occur when people work together is the key.  Individual contribution from even your best employees will pale by comparison to what is possible when people work together toward a common goal.

The Mays Leadership Team Transformation Process will revolutionize how your team performs, developing the communication, collaboration, cohesion, and commitment needed to lead your organization forward. 

What's at stake?  Remember the Olympic Dream Team?  When the best players in the NBA competed in the Olympics for the first time they steam-rolled the competition and took home the gold.  Then, in 2004, the "Dream Team" turned into a nightmare.  As the first American Basketball team to lose a single game in the Olympics, they lost 3 times.  They had the best players in the world, and they blew it.  The lesson, the best players in the world are nothing compared to a well oiled, high performing team.  

Are the star performers in your organization getting in the way of your company's success.  The Team Transformation Process at Mays Leadership will help you create the high performance team that out-paces the competition and brings out the best in your team. 

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"Dr. Mays has established himself as the go-to guy for team development.
His work has been essential in transforming the culture of Unity Health Care."


Vincent Keane, President/CEO, Unity Health Care, Washington D.C.