Join the hundreds of teams, leaders, and businesses that have already achieved exceptional results by working with Kevin. From banking and health care to manufacturing and education, companies just like yours have radically improved their performance, and their profit.


"Kevin's work with the Broward County Executive Leadership Team was so impactful in improving the communication and effectiveness here at Broward County that we wouldn't trust it to anyone else."
~Dr. Elisa Calebrese, Chief Talent Officer, Broward County Public Schools, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  (nations 6th largest school)

"After our first quarter working together, I noticed a change in the way things were being handled. Goals were being set, and soon after being met, once again raised and then met again. He challenged me to be better and in the first year I saw a 54% rise in my sales!
He has held me accountable and motivated me to become the best.  If your business has hit a point where you don't know what's going on day to day, coaching is what you need. Work on the business, not in the business and own your company, not just your job. Dr. Mays can do the same for you as he has for me, I know it!"

Erik Schoof

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"Kevin - Thanks for the great job you did facilitating our group last week.  It was fun to watch the master at work.  I look forward to working with you in the future."  

Jeff Jennings, SVP

Tanner Health System

"Kevin is one of the nation's best leadership trainers."  

Mick Zais, PhD, Brigadier General, U.S. Army

South Carolina State Superintendent of Education

"Dr. Mays - Thank you so much for working with my husband, James.  He went to study leadership and came back a changed person."    

Dana Stallings​

"Kevin - Thanks for your awesome leadership last week at our General Manager sales academy. It was a privilege to have you with us. We all took away some transformative learnings." 

Ben Sutton


"Kevin - Thanks again for the great presentation. You did a great job of engaging our GMs. We sincerely appreciate it."     

Jim Woodrum


"Thanks Kevin - I have grown significantly as a result of your expertise." 

Doug Palmore

"Thank you from as close to the center of myself that I can get, for the powerful teaching that you gave. It is already making a difference. I hope to have the wisdom, strength and courage to implement conscious leadership and awareness going forward."  

David Hosford

"Thanks Kevin - I have approached the last weeks with a renewed emphasis on my team and an excitement for my team. For that, I think of you and give thanks. You truly made my leadership development experience one I will never forget."    

Edward Holden O'Gwynn


"Kevin - What a great workshop. Your experience and education, coupled with real practical insight, added so much to the class."

Brett Peters 

"The time you spent with our team was viewed by all who attended as most valuable to our reaching for that "brass ring" of being a High Performance Team. The style you exhibited in moving us along was just right and challenged us to see what could be. Thank you."     

Henry Skinner


"Thank you for the new life tools. Your expertise and experience made the difference for the week. I am grateful for your time and energy."

Paige Sammons