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Is it time for you to press the reset button on your business?

September 16, 2016


If you are like one business owner I know, it’s time to push the reset button.


Do you spend too much time working in, and not on, the business? Do you find yourself taking on all the menial tasks of your business with no one to delegate to? Have you lost sight of the dream that got you into business in the first place?


For Bill, a tree-chopping client of mine, this is exactly the case. Bill’s tree service kept him on the go seven days a week. He was pulled across the state from client to client, writing quotes, sawing trees, and grinding stumps, following the latest tornado or thunderstorm to tear up a West Michigan town.


His struggle to find professional, trustworthy employees drove him to begin overseeing every aspect of his business. After one particular employee left the job never to return, taking Bill’s equipment with him, his vision became clouded and he became sour. He downsized from three crews to only one and resigned himself to keeping his business small and "manageable." While it wasn’t what he wanted to do, he saw no other option. He was at a dead end.  Bill needed to push the reset button.


Sometimes, the state of mind that owners have about business becomes the biggest obstacle they face.

For Bill, the problem wasn’t "out there’" as he thought.  The problem was him. The same is true of every owner! Don’t believe it? Look at other businesses in your field. They have the same set of constraints that you do. They pull from the same customer pool, pay the same taxes, have the same employees available to them, the same overhead. Yet, some of those competing businesses are successful - wildly successful. What is it they’re doing? This is what Bill wanted to know. But, in order to find out, he had to push the reset button and begin anew.


There are three things that you MUST DO if you want to press the reset button in your business:

  1. You must revive your vision.
    Remember why you got into business in the first place. Feel the sense of possibility that you experienced as you first embarked in business. Remember your dream and re-ignite your inspiration. Write down your "why." Be specific. People who have a clear sense of why they do what they do are more likely to robustly achieve their vision.

  2. You must remember that it is possible
    The fact is, people do it! That is, businesses just like yours are wildly successful and business owners are achieving amazing wealth and freedom. If others can do it, so can you. The biggest problems you face aren’t the external forces around you. No, those are simply challenges to be overcome. The greatest obstacle to success often comes in the form of doubt. When you become burned out and begin to doubt that your dream is possible, your chances of success diminish. Know that it can be done and that YOU can do it.

  3. You must dedicate yourself to your own growth.
    I can say from experience that when my mindset becomes stuck, my world feels small and claustrophobic. The way out, I’ve discovered, is to commit myself to growing as a person. After all, I’m the greatest vehicle of my businesses success. Just me, no one else.

That’s NOT to say that you have to do everything IN the business. Instead, you have to learn to work ON the business. But first, learn to control your attention and your state of mind. Become a master of yourself and keep your focus on your growth.  THEN, learn everything you need to become a master of your business.


Bill found that reset button and began with a new perspective in his business. He found his vision, believed it, and got out of his own way. Now, the door is open for the success that he knows is there.


Is it time for you to press the reset button?


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