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June 22, 2017



When things don't go your way - the genius part of your brain - your pre-frontal cortex actually shuts down. Guess who's in charge?   The cave man part of the brain - the Limbic System.

When the Limbic System takes over you become emotionally reactive, frustrated, irritable: definitely not optimal. 

Here's some good news -  there's a reset button that is built into our brain's hardware.  When you push this button it changes how the brain is functioning, putting the genius you back in charge. 
The solution is simple.  When things don’t go your way,  simply take three deep breaths.  By taking 3 deep breaths your brain begins to reset - chasing that cave man part of the brain away.  Your limbic system starts quiet down and you have greater access to the prefrontal cortex or the genius you.  

With the genius back in charge, you become optimal again, making decisions that are intentional and purposeful, not reactive.  

So take three deep breaths.  Keep your life purposeful, and your business and leadership on track! 

We've  still got a few spots available at the upcoming Meijers Credit Union seminar:
6 STEPS TO BUILDING A BUSINESS YOU CAN SELL - learn to build the infrastructure essential for your business to work without you! 
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