Dynamic Speaker

"Dr. Mays is an amazing speaker.  His powerful message and engaging style brought out the best in our whole department.  His ability to take us places we could have never go alone left us permanently better off."

"~Brian Drzweiki, BE Aeorspace

Dr. Mays is an award winning speaker with a message that inspires action. From keynote speeches to quarterly meetings, his powerful message of risk, success, and accountability will transform your organization.  Kevin is a dynamic presenter that offers the concrete tools and the motivation to take your performance to the next level.

Kevin's most popular seminar topics include:

  • Top 5 ways to Increase Your Business Profit

  • Fired Up: Igniting the passion for success.

    • The failsafe system to make your employees great.

  • How to Build an Amazing Team to Rocket Your Business Forward

  • Enlightened Leadership: Uncover the mystery to creating a culture of engagement.

  • Ignite Your Marketing Without Breaking the Bank

  • The Change Game: The 3 Keys to get your team to become raving fans of change.

  • Six Steps from Business Startup to Sale

  • Using Your Brain to Lead: The Neuro-psychology of leadership excellence.

  • Simple Steps to Attract and Close More Sales

  • Paparazzi Leadership:  How to create throngs of loyal (but not quite obsessed) followers.

  • How to Build a Business You Can Sell

  • The 6 Steps to Amazing Business Growth


Kevin's message drives home the power of intention in creating a culture of accountability.  


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