Mastering Team Performance



"I wish I'd had this book when I was teaching leadership at West Point." 

Mick Zais, Ph.D., Brigadier General, U.S. Army (ret.)

South Carolina State Superintendent of Education

If you need extraordinary results from your team, you need this book.


In Totem, Dr. Kevin Mays unlocks the power of human dynamics, laying out a step-by-step process for creating exceptional teams.


By bringing to light the underlying forces that define a team’s culture, the ground-breaking Totem model provides the framework to enable your team to solve problems, communicate, and execute in world-class style.


A story brings the Totem to life. Join Frank Zepher as he escapes his corporate stress, leaving his executive team to navigate the waters of change in his absence.  Venturing west, Frank reunites with his old college buddies to embark on an epic white water journey of discovery.


After a near death experience destroys their raft, the team is forced to reevaluate its approach to attacking the river. In the process, they discover the timeless system that assures optimal performance on their team; the Totem. During the day, the team uses the Totem model to survive the river, while at night they discuss how the model applies to their teams back at work. The story is filled with real world examples from teams across industries seeking to improve.


This page turner of a story concludes with a detailed outline of the Totem process, complete with an assessment for your own team, so that you can easily apply the Totem principles and open the door to unprecedented results. 




Great book!  

Totem presents a detailed blueprint for building a productive and innovative team that resolves complex engineering problems. This is a tool that will shorten the time required to resolve issues and get the solution to the bottom line quickly.”


Dan Bera

Engineering Project Manager - Griffin, Inc.