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I’ve been through 100s of trainings at UPS over the past 4 decades, this training is by far the best leadership training I’ve ever experienced.
Craig Deitchler

Plant Manager - Dixon Fire - Winchester VA

Is Your Team Strategic, Tactical, Analytic, or Relational?

It Matters.

Discover Your S.T.A.R. Team Dynamic

Programs of The Leadership Academy

The most impactful leadership and business development processes you will ever experience.

If you’re ready to break away from the pack to take you and your business to the next level of performance, the programs of the Mays Leadership can help. Between the Leadership Academy and the Business Ascent Process, we have the proven system to help you achieve greater results.  Our coaching programs are designed to create high impact leaders who solve problems and lead on purpose, deeply bonded teams that work together toward a common vision, and high profit businesses that thrive. 

With a track record of helping thousands of leaders, teams, and businesses lead become their best, we have the proven processes that can help you get from where you are, to where you want to go.

Based on over 20 years of experience, deep education,  modern neuro-science, leadership and business best-practice, and contemplative wisdom, our processes will ignite the potential to take your leadership to the next level of success.

You’ve never experienced anything like this.


Creating a high-performance leadership team starts with effective communication, collaboration, and trust. Through our S.T.A.R High Performance Team (HPT) Process your team members learn to leverage their differences and work together. Smart decisions are fortified with unbreakable cohesion and focused alignment,. This positions your leadership team to work as a single force, achieving the vision together.


The Leadership Academy continues by guiding your key leaders and managers through our Leadership Ascent Process. In this proven process, leaders gain the deep self-awareness essential for leading skillfully while creating a lasting, positive impact. By learning to master the most powerful leadership tools, your leaders will eliminate bias and reactivity, while increasing influence and improving team commitment. By increasing leadership capacity across the organization, your business is positioned to thrive.


Develop a profitable and self sustaining business that works hard so you don’t have to.  By mastering the role of business ownership, establishing clear success measures, learning to dominate your market through the profit multiplier, systemize for rapid expansion, and becoming a leader your team wants to follow, you’ll grow your business quickly.

The Business Ascent Process instills deep accountability across your organization, unlocking the door to uncommon performance and putting you on the pathway to living the life you deserve.

Our Clients

“Going through this process has immediately impacted our decision making process and created better outcomes.I don’t know how any organization can be successful without this process”

Marion Community Bank

R. Guy Davis Jr

President and CEO

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